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Garmin Epix (Gen 2) Review

People have been hoping to see Garmin launch a Fenix with an AMOLED screen for years, and in the Garmin Epix (gen 2) those hopes have been realised. See our full guide…

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The Best Running Shoes 2022

No doubt about it, the last year has been an incredible time for running shoes, from cushioned long run classics to the latest carbon plate race shoes, pretty much all the brands…

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The Best Running Headphones

Here you’ll find The Run Tester’s pick of the best running headphones you can buy right now. We’ve tested dozens of pairs of running headphones from all the big brands including Jabra,…

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The Best Running Watches

What is the best running watch to buy right now? We’ve tested pretty much every watch that’s launched this year that promises to track your outdoor and indoor run time. Some have…

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What the viewers are saying

Great review, very well structured and also appreciate there’s no crap cheesy jokes in the video that no one finds funny

Ahmad Salih (YouTube)

Bought speed 2 on the back of this video. Love them thanks for testing 🙂

Carol (YouTube)

Superb video and fascinating stuff. Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve joined Running Reborn too now 🙂

Gareth Robinson (YouTube)

Picked up a pair of Velocity Nitros following your recommendations for £85, then managed to get another pair (in white so indoor, dry use) for just £39. Very pleased.

Simon Aitken (YouTube)