Collectively the Run Testers write for dozens of the biggest and most influential publications, offering expert advice on running, fitness and wearable technology. If it claims to make running easier, faster or more fun, chances are we’ve tested it.

Who are The Run Testers?

We are a group of the most well-respected and influential editors, journalists and content creators in running, fitness and wearable technology.

If you Google Best Running ‘Wotsit’, one of us will appear, if not all of us.

Collectively we write for Coach, Runner’s World, Men’s Health, the Guardian, WIRED, Metro, Independent, Techradar, T3, Stuff Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Trusted Reviews. And many more.

We’re all about running

We test running gear day in, day out for our jobs. And we’re all borderline obsessed runners.

The Run Testers is all about taking that knowledge and passion and bringing it to life on Youtube and creating a wider social content offering.

We have a unique position within the industry

We get products first – our access & sport/product knowledge is unrivalled.

We test them properly – we have more practical knowledge of product in context than most journalists and influencers – because we actually run with this stuff.

We’ve got running covered – collectively we represent a broad range of areas of expertise, each with a unique take on running.

We have the network: From PRs and product managers, to influencers, journalists and other experts, our collective contacts book is comprehensive.

Simple. Honest. Real.

Our goal is to deliver the most useful running-focussed reviews and tips about the latest running gear. And to do it with passion, knowledge and value.

We prioritise delivering good, reliable, informed opinions over fancy production values. Which is lucky because we’re all self taught video producers.

We are the counterpoint to thinly-veiled influencer adverts and endorsements.

We tell you what not to buy as well as what to buy. Unlike most publications, we will review sub-standard products where we feel people need to know.