We only work with brands we care about, to create videos on subjects that we’re passionate about. We believe the best partner content adds value and engages our audience, delivering more than a brand message. We make what excites us because we know that’ll excite our audience too.

Here are some of the partners we’re proud to have working with The Run Testers.

COROS is one of the leading brands when it comes to GPS watch technology. We’ve tested its products since the Pace was released in 2018 and reviewed every watch in detail for a number of publications.

In this series, we take a deep look at the technology available from COROS and see how it can be used to improve running in a variety of ways.

Precision Hydration is a brand focused on giving athletes access to personalised hydration strategies, with a range of products we’ve tested over hundreds of miles of running.

In this series, we look into how to correctly hydrate and fuel your running so you can perform at your best. We speak with sports scientist and PH co-founder Andy Blow to find out more about the intricacies of optimal training and how it can help on race day.

Soar is an apparel brand that holds a firm place at the front of our running wardrobes. If we haven’t tested all of its kit, we’ve definitely covered most of it.

Different Gear is our live run of shows where we discuss what’s happening in the world of running kit, from the latest shoes and kit, to the newest technologies available.

On is a brand that we’ve tested products from since the launch of the Cloudracer in 2012. Since then, the range of kit has grown from shoes to apparel, hiking kit and lifestyle.

We worked with On to promote the launch of the Cloudmonster, a max cushioned shoe that takes the brand’s technology and applies it to cushioning and comfort for daily and easy training miles.

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