Here you’ll find The Run Tester’s pick of the best running headphones you can buy right now. We’ve tested dozens of pairs of running headphones from all the big brands including Jabra, Jaybird, Apple, Sennheiser, Amazon, Plantronics, Samsung and AfterShokz. And some of the smaller brands like Mifo, Lypertek and Creative too.

Whether you’re on a sub-£100 budget, you want something that’ll work well in the office and on the run, you have decided to finally go true wireless, or you need an option with battery life that’ll last longer than you can on the trails, we’ve got it covered.

Jaybird Vista 2

We rated the original Jaybird Vista buds as among the best running headphones available, so we were definitely excited to test out the updated Vista 2, which extends the battery life while adding new features like active noise cancellation and an awareness mode called SurroundSense.

All four Run Testers have been putting the Jaybird Vista 2 buds through their paces and in this video we look at what’s new from the first Vista and deliver our verdict on whether they should be top of your list when it comes to running headphones in 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Although they’re not specifically designed for sports, there’s a lot to like about the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ headphones if you’re a runner. They fit securely, sound great and last an impressive 11 hours on a charge.

However, they’re lacking on one important front, which is their water resistance, and it could be a dealbreaker for runners. Run Tester Nick has been testing out the Galaxy Buds+ during his recent training and is ready to give his verdict on whether they’re a good option for runners.

JLab Epic Air Sport ANC

Bose’s first stab at truly wireless sports headphones – the Soundsport Free – didn’t quite hit the mark because the large, sticky-out design meant the fit was far from secure for running. That problem has been solved with the Sport Earbuds, which offer a tremendously comfortable and, crucially, secure fit.

They also sound great, but lack on several other fronts compared to rival headphones, with a fairly mediocre battery life and a lack of extra features like active noise cancellation or a hear through option to increase awareness. So where does that leave them in the headphone rankings for runners? Run Tester Nick has been testing out the Sport Earbuds for a few weeks and is ready to deliver his verdict.

Creative Outlier Air v2

Runners are spoiled for choice these days when it comes to great true wireless headphones. But that doesn’t always come cheap. The Creative Creative Outlier Air v2 headphones offer true wireless technology at a more digestible cost for those on a budget.

Tom has been testing out how they perform for runners to see if they offer a cheaper alternative to some of the big name headphones available at the moment.

Jabra Elite Active 75T

Runners are spoiled for choice these days when it comes to great true wireless headphones. But that doesn’t always They’re an upgrade of the Jabra Elite Active 65T, a sportier version of the Elite 75T and at £189.99, a more wallet-friendly alternative to the Apple AirPods Pro and the Powerbeats Pro.

But is there enough about the Jabra Elite Active 75T wireless buds to make them the Run Testers’ top pick for the best wireless running headphones? Watch our review here, find out how they compare to the earlier models and their rivals and find out if you should invest.

Jabra Elite 4 Active

Welcome to The Run Testers Jabra Elite 4 Active review. Jabra’s latest set of true wireless running headphones drop in at the slightly cheaper end of things but with a competitive battery life and extras like Active Noise Cancellation, awareness mode, Find My Buds and custom EQ, they potentially punch above their price tag.

So how do they stack up against pricier rivals like the Beats Fit Pro, Jaybird Vista and even their own sibling the Jabra Elite 7 Active? Nick, Kieran and Tom have given them the multi-tester treatment them to find out.

Shokz OpenRun Pro

Shokz (formerly AfterShokz) has launched its new OpenRun Pro headphones, which sit at the top of the Shokz headphones family and are squarely aimed at runners. The bone conduction headphones feature that signature wraparound design with Shokz promising an improvement in sound with new EQ modes, bigger battery life and a quicker fast charge mode.

Testers Mike, Nick and Tom have been testing out the OpenRun Pro to see whether Shokz has delivered on those big improvements and whether these are the best running headphones to buy right now.

Jabra Elite 7 Active

The Jabra Elite 7 Active are truly wireless earbuds built for sport and the natural successor to The Run Testers fave, the Jabra Elite Active 75T.

Priced at £169.99/$179.99, the Elite 7 Active offers a sweat and water-resistant design, active noise cancellation, hands-free access to smart assistants, up to 10 hours battery life (without ANC) and a smaller profile than the 75T.